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The London National Park City is well on its way to being established – it will be the first in the world and brought about by a grassroots movement. Urban Good are making a huge, beautiful map to give away for people who want to explore London's green spaces. 

Charlie and his team want to build tools to help everyone explore the London National Park City and get the most from it. Connecting children and adults to nature, experiencing the benefits of green and blue space, finding play spaces and sports pitches, seeking out trails, cycle paths and skate parks, learning about biodiversity and where to look for all the above is why they are making this map. It will be a large-format (952mm x 1270mm), folded map – similar in shape and feel to the old, paper Ordnance Survey Explorer maps, but custom drawn to highlight all the places to explore.

On the reverse of the map they will curate a beautiful atlas: showing the many other layers of information that make up London National Park City. An engaging way to learn more about the complex systems that structure the park. They will also run a public campaign to to reach out and ask Londoners what they want on their map. What does everyone want to see? The cycle quietways, the peaceful spaces, the best views, street markets or open air swimming pools?

"Once the map is printed we want to be sure that everyone who needs one can get one,” says Charlie Peel leading the fundraising campaign to Map the National Park City. "Our pitch if we reach our target is to send free copies to groups who would usually not get one. They will go to schools, youth groups, non-profits across the capital. Any surplus funding all gets recycled into the project and we will launch a loud, public and inclusive campaign.”

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Urban Good CIC is a social enterprise working to improve the urban environment – we recycle 100% of our profits into our campaigns. Right now we are supporting the #NationalParkCity movement. We provide advice, research and communication to architects, planners, developers, local authorities and community projects to help inform decision making, and ultimately make material improvements to cities.

We believe successful urban development will maximise the capability of citizens to access opportunities.

We take on projects to support good urban causes, and create our own campaigns when we have something to add. We want to get young people writing and publishing on urban development. We want the London National Park City to become a reality for all Londoners.